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Acts 4:12 "Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven, given to men, by which we must be saved."



"I'm confident that my fish would have weighed less in many instances without using the Glory Bags. No fish scales or beaten up stressed out fish. AWESOME product."

Mark Rose.



Glory bags are an essential part of my culling system! Over the years I've used them to help speed up the culling process and keep fish safe in the livewells. Glory Bags were even more important to me last week at the Bassmaster Classic. Not only was I able to cull very quickly, but during the 90 mile drive from Grand Lake back to Tulsa, Glory Bags kept my fish safe and healthy. I never lost a fish all week long and with the new design, I was able to put a fish close to 5lbs in with plenty of room to spare! If you haven't tried Glory Bags you really need to. You'll be amazed at the benefits! Much faster culling, safer fish, and NO chance for them to jump out of the livewell when the lids are open! Thanks so much and God Bless!

Jonathan Carter


Just wanted to let you that I recently aquired a set of glory bags and put them to their first two tournament tests this past weekend. Saturday I fished a Fishers of Men tournament on Lake Shafer here in Indiana. My partner and I were able to win this tournament with a limit of 5 fish that went 11.11 lbs (picture attached), we caught 6 keepers during the day so we did end up using the bags for culling. It is kind of crazy that I am used to hearing fish thrash around in the livewell and this weekend I used glory bags for the first time and found myself constatnly checking on the fish to make sure that they were alive.
Sunday I fished an Anglers Choice torunament on Geist which is one of the better waters to fish in our area. This is the day that my glory bags really proved their worth, between me and my partner we boated over 20 keepers and were able to cull up on almost everyone of the fish we caught. We ended up in 4th with just under 14 lbs. I was not worried about digging around in the livewell and having a fish jump out, because they were in the glory bags. Also these bags made it very easy for us to cull and we were very busy through-out the day culling.
One question I have is have you thought about making a larger sack that you could include in the 6 bags, for keeping a kicker fish in? Bags seemed to work great on all but the 5lb fish, length wise the fish fit fine but it was hard to keep the bag spread out enough to allow his gills to move freely.
Either way I know there was interest by some other people during the weigh-ins about the bags so I would expect to see a few orders coming from both the fishers of men and anglers choice fields that I was fishing against.
I figured I would drop you a line and let you know how impressed I am with your product so far and that it seems like it will make my tournament fishing easier.

Craig Jurgonski
CrewTechnical Services
CREW Electrical Services  


Read this article http://www.bradwiegmann.com/tackle/accessories-and-electronics/64-glory-bag to see what professional outdoor writer, photographer, and fishing guide, Brad Weigmann has to say about the Glory Bag Tournament Culling and Fish Protection System.


The Glory Bag Tournament Culling and Fish Protection System in my opinion is the most important and advanced new conservation product for the Bass fishing industry since the aerated livewell became a standard feature in the Bass Boat industry. But don't take my word, here is what a few of our customers are saying about Glory Bags.


I've been "struggling" a bit lately and happened to come across your site today. I read about your background and the little prayer you have posted. I want to thank you for reminding me that without Jesus in your life, even the small obstacles in life seem enormous.

My son and I spent a lot of quality time bass fishing and the Glory Bags are a great idea. I plan on picking up a set.

Thanks again,


I have purchased 23 sets of Glory Bags so far for our anglers in Oregon. They work great. They are definitely saving fish and frustration here.

My wife and I recently were in need of some way to carry water bottles on a whitewater rafting trip down the John Day River. We needed water for 4 days but had no room on the storage deck. We also wanted it available during the trip. I have included a photo of the solution. We had 6 bottles per bag, we used quick snap clips that could hold the zipper and loop at the same time. 4 bags did it.

THEY WORKED GREAT ! At night we dropped them in the river to keep the water cool. They also acted to balance the load.

Thanks, God Bless,
Oregon BASS Federation Nation


On Saturday June 21,2008, Tony Ebel and my self were fishing in a Fishers of Men Tournament on the Potomac River. We had fished most of the day and had caught a good limit of fish. Tony had one last area he wanted to fish before we went to the weigh in.

When we arrived at our last spot, there was a boat there and we had to fish a different area. We managed to catch a couple of keepers from this area and culled up in weight. Finally the boat left the area Tony wanted to fish and we moved on it with only 10 minutes of fishing time remaining. On Tony's second cast he called out to me to get the net. I pick up the net and looked to where the fish was jumping out of the water. The fish was a big one! Tony got the fish to the boat and I netted it for him.

I went back to fishing while Tony unhooked the fish. Tony told me that the fish was bleeding badly and I told him to get the fish in a Glory Bag as quickly as possible. Tony replied that he cant get the fish in a bag ( he was so nervous). I asked Tony to take the front of the boat and went to work on the fish. When I got to the live well I saw there was a 6" pool of blood in the area between the seats of my Triton and another large pool of blood on the rear deck of the boat near the live well lids.

When Tony hooked the fish ,the fish had swallowed the bait and was hooked deep in the stomach. The fish was bleeding badly. I placed the fish in the Glory Bag and into the live well.

We then raced to the weigh in. By the time we docked the boat, trailered the boat, went through weigh in and put the fish back in the Potomac River it was approximately 30 minutes from the time the fish was caught. The fish was still alive even though it had lost a lot of blood. This fish weighed 5.91 pounds and we won $98.00 for having the second largest fish. If the fish had died we would have been penalized .20 ounces for a dead fish and would not have placed where we did.

I use the Glory Bags in all the tournaments I compete in. There is no doubt that they protect the fish better than any thing else on the market today. If you are a tournament angler and you don't use the Glory Bags you are missing a great opportunity to protect our resources and could potentially cost you money in tournament winnings.



Hello I used your Glory Bags this past weekend in a couple of club tournaments, they were fantastic!! Culling was quick and easy, I didn't get drenched every time I had to pull a fish out of the well and I didn't have to waste time chasing smallmouth all over my livewells!!

I wish I had known about these years ago, I won one tournament and got big fish in the other. More time was spent with my hands on my fishing rods and less time in the livewells.

Great product, well made and best of all good for the fish.

Thanks for a great product and God Bless!!



Glory Bag