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Acts 4:12 "Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven, given to men, by which we must be saved."

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3 WeighBag
Weigh Bag
*** OUT OF STOCK *** We have designed and patented a radical new "Conservation Minded" weigh bag. It is designed for less stress on the fish while waiting in line at the weigh in. It has a mesh- zippered- upper layer with a solid vinyl bottom. It is designed to transfer water and oxygen from weigh tank to weigh tank without the fish escaping from the bag. When placed in a tank or a live well, it will fill with water, to your desired level. *note (it doesn't take a lot of water to cover a fish when they are laying horizontal instead of vertical as in some bags). The bag has a fingertip lift on each side for emptying the water to the level you wish or emptying completely. The bag has 3 sets of handles, 1 middle set for individual weigh in and a set on each end for a team tournament. This way both you, and your partner can be at the weigh in, instead of one of you sitting in the boat wishing you were at the scales! The bag is designed to hold our regular Glory Bags, or it will work well without the Glory Bags. Weigh bags are $29.95 each plus $13.50 shipping ($5.for each additional bag).
Pricing Information
Price per Item $29.95
Shipping/Handling $13.50
Multiple Quantity Shipping/Handling
Additional quantities will be shipped at $5.00 per item.

* Please call for shipping outside of the U.S. or for large quantity orders.
* Payments can be made via PayPal.
* There will be a 20% restocking fee for returns; buyer responsible for return shipping.

* I'm sure you sure aware of the ban that is coming on most culling systems- Maryland has already banned the use of any device puncturing the fish's mouth! The material used is a rubber based soft material, ( slick when wet) which minimizes any slime from being removed from the fish! The Glorybag is designed to open when put in the livewell & the 2 wings on the bottom of the bag are made of stiff flexable material that when spread apart , will open the Glorybag further if needed for more room in the bag. The fish suspends in the bag , not rubbing the sides.( acts as a cushion in rough water) Testimonies from Lake Erie on that! The zippers are nylon! I believe this invention God gave me is just Him taking care of His creation! You actually have to see it in action to believe what it does for the fish ( they actually go dormant until you go to move them & they show how much energy they have gotten back).

Glory Bag