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Acts 4:12 "Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven, given to men, by which we must be saved."


The Purpose of the GloryBag

The main purpose of this Protection Device is for the well being and safety of the fish as it is being held throughout the day in a Tournament Environment, or otherwise being held in an aquatic environment.

The fish is kept in a state of ease inside the Protection Device as it is being transported in a live well or floated in the water. The frequent opening and closing of the live well lid does not cause the fish any trauma or excitement.

When the angler reaches in to capture the fish for culling or weighing, the fish is not touch by the hand, only the Protection Device is touched. There is no damage to the fish as it doesn’t have to be chased around the enclosure to be captured.

CAUTION: Make sure to weigh fish head down to avoid damage to tail or fins.

The structure of the Protection Device is made to allow the fish enough room to stay upright and afloat.

The material that the Protection Device is constructed from, allows fresh aerated water to flow through to the fish.

The material also allows the fish to be handled, minimizing the removal of protective slime from the fish’s body.

The Protection Device is equipped with a hanging loop to enable the fish to be weighed without being stuck through the mouth with a hook on a scale.

The Protection Device is equipped with a double opening zipper to enable the fish to be inserted and removed with the least amount of damage to the fish.

The zippers on the set of The Protection Device are color coded allowing culling at a glance.

The Protection Device is so designed as to protect the fish from other fish in the live well, as well to do away with the culling devices that are used today that are inserted into the mouth of the fish. These devices can cause damage to the mouth they are inserted into, and also to the other fish in the live well.


Glory Bag